Mentally Alert? – Becoming Forgetful?

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Give Mum a Fun New Life!
+ 24/7 Care from Kind, Attentive Staff
Mentally Alert? – Becoming Forgetful?
No. 1 Rated – Hopton Cottage Care Home
Give Mum a Fun New Life!
+ 24/7 Care from Kind, Attentive Staff

Are We Right For Your Mum or Dad?

Are We Right For Your Mum or Dad?

Joe from Hopton Cottage Care Home in Huddersfield
Hi, I’m Joseph Martin, the General Manager here at Hopton Cottage Care Home.

Of course I’m proud that our 24/7 care won a CQC award in 2018, but actually what makes us the best choice for your Mum is something quite special and unique to Hopton Cottage.

We left old fashioned care home thinking behind and built our care home from scratch to…

Give Your Mum or Dad a Wonderful & Fun New Life!

That’s our primary focus and everything we do is built around making sure your Mum enjoys herself again and finds a new richness in her life.

Why should any of us be past it at 80 or 90… or even 100?

At any point in our journey, life can be turned into a new adventure and we’ve found that wonderful things happen to older people when a new burst of fun and meaning is brought into their lives.


Your Mum or Dad’s EXACT needs are met at the right time

To make sure we transform the lives of everyone we care for, we did something unique when we designed Hopton Cottage… We built 3 care homes on 1 site.

  1. Woodend Cottages – Mentally Alert

  2. Riverside Cottages – Becoming Forgetful

  3. Greenway Cottages – Dementia

    3 totally separate areas with different staff means your Mum gets care tailored to her needs specifically. Other care homes simply lump everyone together and this makes it impossible to create the kind of lifestyle everyone living here at Hopton Cottage now enjoys.

    This is UNIQUE to Hopton Cottage & when you come to visit us you’ll see for yourself what a difference this makes to the happiness everyone here. It’s one of the things that makes a fun new life possible for your Mum or Dad, but there’s so much more that makes Hopton Cottage uniquely special.

    Down this page you’ll find out:

    • Why choosing Hopton Cottage means you’ll see your Mum enjoy life & smile again 
    • How we help your Mum gain wait & feel healthy, even as she gets older
    • What makes our 24/7 care award winning
    • Importance of location


    First I want to show you that I genuinely understand the situation you and your Mum or Dad are in right now, no matter if they are still mentally alert or are starting to become forgetful.

    The section right below is for you if your Mum or Dad is starting to become forgetful, but…

    If your Mum or Dad is still mentally alert then scroll down past the next section.

    Is Your Mum or Dad More & More Forgetful?

    Is Your Mum or Dad More & More Forgetful?

    Then you probably have a nagging in the back of your mind like so many people who call up Hopton Cottage. Our subconscious is pretty smart and when you watch someone you care about become more and more forgetful and struggle to cope at home, it’s hard to ignore 1 simple truth…

    Your Mum or Dad is no longer safe at home on their own!

    It’s a very sad moment when we recognise our Mum or Dad has got to this point but this shouldn’t be the end of the story. In fact it can become the end of a period of struggle and be the start of a positive chapter in your Mum or Dad’s life.

    Do any of these things sound familiar?

    • Your Mum or Dad often loses track of time of day
    • Diet has gone downhill with poor appetite & forgetting to eat
    • Home care is not enough because help is only available on a schedule, not exactly when it’s needed! What about if a fall happens at night? And who makes sure your Mum or Dad eats all their meals if the meal is prepared and then just left on the side for later.
    • Your Mum or Dad is likely to feel chronically lonely & will often call you many times each week, even in the middle of the night. 
    • She’s too isolated and has nothing to occupy her time or mind.
    • Medication gets missed or causes anxiety and confusion.
    • Mum or Dad is vulnerable to cold callers on phone and at the door
    • Taking a fall at home is a matter of when, not if
    • Your Mum or Dad’s other half passed away recently and they were a strong team after all those years so now loneliness is chronic on top of a loss of routine and the comfort and safety that long term partners find in each other.

    But it’s not all about your Mum or Dad, what about you?!!

    Of course you can’t be there for mum all the time.

    You have your own life going on, maybe children or even grand children but that doesn’t stop your worry or feelings of guilt, which are normal in this situation but they are unjust!


    You probably don’t even feel you can go on holiday because Mum or Dad will get anxious and struggle to cope or something bad could happen. It’s a cruel irony because unofficial carers are some of the most overworked people in the country.


    Our 2nd neighbourhood, Riverside Cottages was designed and built specifically for your situation. Your Mum or Dad settle into their new home in an area with people at exactly the same stage of life as them. This means that we can effectively train and focus our staff on the perfect level of extra care that’s needed for someone who is starting to become forgetful. But without your Mum or Dad being lumped together with old people suffering from full Dementia.

    This leads to a very welcoming environment for your Mum and Dad that other care homes simply can’t achieve due to their lack of separation between the different stages of old age.

    If your Mum or Dad is more and more forgetful and struggling at home then Hopton Cottage Care Home genuinely is the very best thing that could happen in their lives. Moving to us starts a very positive new chapter in life and makes fun and joy possible again.

    At Hopton Cottage Care Home…

    • Your Mum or Dad will be safe again and importantly feel safe at last.
    • They will start eating properly again and regain a healthy amount of weight.
    • Dementia will settle down and be less of a noticeable issue for your Mum or Dad. We see it time and time again, it actually appears that the onset of Dementia slows down.
    • Your Mum or Dad will make friends and start to laugh again. Yes seriously!! We watch even the most stubborn of souls bond with new friends after they make Hopton Cottage their new home.
    • With so many organised hobbies & activities there’s always fun to be had here and something to do each day.
    • Your Mum or Dad even get’s regular exercise and they will start to feel healthier around 3 or 4 weeks after joining us.

    Of course it’s very difficult to prove but after my 13 years at Hopton I’m convinced that the people who join us actually live longer, a lot longer. But there’s one thing I value even more than that…

    Do you remember what I said our primary focus is at Hopton Cottage?


    Everything we do here is carefully designed to give your Mum or Dad a wonderful & Fun New Life! 

    At Hopton Cottage people have fun again and enjoy their twilight years in the company of new friends, both fellow residents and also the people here who care for them. I hope you decide to visit us and see this for yourself. 


    There’s one last thing I’d like to mention that people tell me is a huge plus they didn’t think of before their Mum or Dad joined us at Hopton Cottage. Once here your Mum or Dad will actually enjoy time with her family again rather than being anxious to get needs met whilst you are with them.

    Your relationship with your Mum or Dad moves on from carer and dependent and you can actually get to chat properly with your Mum or Dad again and enjoy the time you spend together.

    Please think about that for a moment because this is a biggie!

    We all love our family but it’s the special little moments of connection that make all the difference in the world. When your Mum or Dad makes Hopton Cottage their home then those little moments of connection start to flow again. With all our loving staff members, with new friends and most importantly between you and your Mum or Dad. 


    Keep reading to the bottom of this page and soon you’ll get a real sense of how much better the future looks for your Mum or Dad and also for you.

    I want you to take a breath of relief as you realise what your Mum or Dad’s life can look like in the next few months. What happens when you make the decision to trust the right people to use the right skills and mindset in the right way.


    The next few paragraphs are for people whose Mum or Dad is mentally alert still, but if you’re here for someone becoming forgetful then we do have you covered on the rest of this page & I want you to hear what I have to say.

    So if your Mum or Dad is more and more forgetful then scroll down until you find the next section called ‘Expert Care – 24/7’.


    Is Your Mum or Dad Mentally Alert?

    Is Your Mum or Dad Mentally Alert?

    … Then know this:

    You are going to be OK!

    I understand that you might feel embarrassed or that you have failed in some way. It’s likely that you’ve had to live a double life & lie to people close to you while hiding things you may feel ashamed of.

    I imagine that by now you’ve lost many things that mattered to you as your life has fallen deeper into addiction.

    I know you’re lonely. You’re probably running low on anything like genuine hope. You may even feel like you’ve given up on yourself.

    Keep Mum Busy, Watch Her Gain Weight

    Regular activity can boost your brain health in old age” – National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (June 2017)

    One of the myths we tell ourselves is that puzzle solving stops mental decline for older people. This is simply not true and no studies have ever shown that brain training can prevent dementia.

    A recent report by the Global Council on Brain Health recommends that people should take part in stimulating activities.

    It’s activities that promote a healthy brain in old people!

    We have a lot of fun here at Hopton Cottage Care Home & our ‘fun new life’ mindset champions the idea of activities for our residents… activities activities activities! 🙂

    We have dominoes, card tournaments & we play bingo.

    There’s a weekly quiz night for families & residents alike but be warned: It gets very competitive!

    Something older people struggle with more than anything is boredom. Although not a disease, having witnessed the consequences for over 20 years I know how serious it can be.

    At Hopton, once a new resident has settled in we will work with them to find activities that they will enjoy.

    Our residents are encouraged to go out each day for walks or trips to the shops.


    We have a lovely menu & all our food is home-made each day by experienced chefs with high-quality fresh ingredients.

    We generally serve all Mum’s favourite British classics. With menus varying subject to residents’ requests.

    Our menus are nutritionally balanced & we cater for enriched diets or low-fat diets depending on need.

    We also cater for those with specific dietary needs such as:


    • Diabetics
    • Residents who are lactose or gluten intolerant
    • Those with difficulties swallowing.

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    So ask any questions or reserve
    a place at Hopton now. TODAY!

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!

    Expert Care 24/7

    Expert Care 24/7

    Give Mum or Dad a Fun New Life!

    You Need to Trust The People Keeping Mum Safe
    If You Want Genuine Care From Kind People, Then Meet Hopton’s Staff Team – On Hand All Day, Every Day!

    Hopton Cottage Care Home is one of the best designed care homes around. What makes us even more special is our staff team.

    When choosing Hopton you’re also choosing a group of people – our staff. They’re every bit as important to us as they will be to your Mum.

    A founding principle of ours is to make sure your Mum is always at the heart of our service & is treated as an individual. We don’t cut corners & we never cut costs.

    Our management team led by Joseph Martin have nearly 50 years of experience between them working to provide care for older people.

    Joseph Martin, General Manager

    Melanie Igo, Care Manager for Creenway Cottages

    Suzanne Prentice, Care Manager for Woodend & Riverside Cottages

    I’ve learnt from years of experience that it’s absolutely crucial to have a team with a positive mind-set, who feel respected & supported in their vital roles. Let me explain why…

    Older people tend to be quite proud & find it hard to ask for help at the best of times. If staff don’t enjoy their work & appear unhappy, then residents will pick up on this. This will make it harder for them to ask for help when it’s really needed.

    So Hopton is here to help! We only employ the best people for each & every role. Our staff are all passionate about helping people and want to make a difference. We have staff of all ages & backgrounds.

    Staff at Hopton are reminded every day that they are valued members of a team. Our care assistants love coming to work & are passionate about providing kindness & care.

    Every member of our team from the chefs to the maintenance men are trained in dementia awareness & buy into our ethos of kindness, friendliness & positivity.

    We have a first-class management team here & a team of fantastic carers who are skilled, patient & always kind.

    Our staff recieve the best detailed training programmes. They all have an NVQ care Level 2 qualification & most are qualified to NVQ Level 3. We have our own in house training provided through Aged Care TV & skills for care.

    Our staff are paid to receive this training, which means that they are always improving.

    Our staff work short shifts & have flexible working hours. They will become stable and familiar faces in your Mum’s new life.

    It’s a brilliant team & many of whom have families themselves. They look after our residents as they would want their own parents or loved ones to be looked after.

    Being looked after by someone you know and who knows you is really important at Hopton. Our staff will get to know your favourite meals and activities.

    They will help your Mum feel comfortable at all times, just like you would at home. Hopton will feel like their home before they know it.

    Our kitchen is led by highly qualified & experienced Head Chef Joanne Reid. Along with our other chefs, she helps provide beautiful home-made meals to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

    We also have 2 full time dedicated activities staff who engage our residents with a variety of trips, events and games.

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    So ask any questions or reserve
    a place at Hopton now. TODAY!

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!

    A Fun New Life

    A Fun New Life

    – Allow your Mum to enjoy life once again
    – See for yourself the difference Hopton Cottage can make

    Residents at Hopton have so much fun in their new life. They can enjoy all the comforts they had at home in their own cottage style room & patio garden.

    Residents will have their health issues addressed & managed by experts. We offer nutritious, homemade & delicious food. As well as Mum’s favourites snacks & drinks any hour of the day.

    Mum will feel so much better enjoying meals with friends again – No more microwave dinners alone! All our residents gain weight after admission to Hopton Cottage.

    We have two brilliant full-time activities coordinators who work closely with the whole team. This is a key part of our person-centred care service. Our residents are at the heart of shaping that service. Our wide range of activities include:


    • Group trips to the shops
    • Country walks
    • Reminiscence groups
    • Dominoes
    • Keep fit club
    • Knitting club
    • Musical performances – anything from classical to Rock & Roll!

    Once someone feels welcome and respected, their health improves. They will have things to occupy their time again. Their spirit is lifted and the change is amazing to witness. It is without doubt the greatest joy of providing a service for me & my whole team.

    So Mum really can have a fun new life at Hopton. A life where they can welcome their family without anxiety or the need for urgent attention. You can enjoy quality time again with your Mum and the whole family are welcome at Hopton.

    I hope you agree your Mum deserves to enjoy life again. This is one of our founding principles here at Hopton. So please consider us for your Mum, I know you’ll be pleased you did.

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    So ask any questions or reserve
    a place at Hopton now. TODAY!

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!



    We understand how important location is to you. You may wish to be as close to your mum or dad as possible or you may want them to live out their days in their home town. Hopton Cottage is perfectly located 14 miles from Huddersfield and ¼ mile from Mirfield. We are right in the heart of Mirfield community yet beautifully positioned near the River Calder and Hopton countryside. We have Hopton shops in walking distance and countryside views all around.

    Extras to fit in the homepage somewhere…

    A Key difference between Hopton and others

    At Hopton your mum will have a designated care manager who will help manage all your mum or dad’s medical and care needs.

    Stable and consistent management teams.

    Most homes have only 1 manager and often they are moved from one home (of a corporate group) to another.

    The care she receives at home tends to be very hit & miss. Often with 2 or 3 people trying to manage several different needs. It’s messy & priorities get missed.

    At Hopton Cottage we will speak directly with Mum’s GP, District Nurses or Hospital Services to make sure all her physical care needs are sorted quickly & easily.

    For Mum’s mental health needs we will speak directly with Memory Services & Community Mental Health Services so you will have nothing to worry about. The right people help Mum in the right way at the right time.

    Our “Home for Life” guarantee means that when your Mum comes to live with us, that’s it. She stays living with us. If your funds for her ever run out, we’ll continue to look after your Mum and reduce her fees so that her remaining time here can be funded by Kirklees Council.

    Everyone Is Unique

    Everyone Is Unique

    There is no one more important to you than your mum or dad and everyone’s mum or dad is unique to you.

    At Hopton Cottage we specialise in looking after your mum for the person she is. We don’t try to change people, we love them for who they are just like you do!

    At Hopton your mum will have her own ground floor cottage suite, her own garden, her own postal address and telephone number. At Hopton Cottage she can eat whatever she likes, whenever she likes and if its not on the menu just ask and it soon will be. Our head chef will make sure of that!

    At Hopton your mum will shape the care she receives and it will be uniquely tailored for her. She will have all the benefits of independence but with the ultra-comfort of having reliable, skilled and friendly carers who she knows are just seconds away, day or night.

    Everyone at Hopton lives with like minded people and enjoys activities and hobbies they have loved for years or just discovered! We don’t just talk about person centred care, we live and breathe it in everything we do!

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    So ask any questions or reserve
    a place at Hopton now. TODAY!

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!



    Discover Why CQC Rated Us Safe,
    Effective, Caring, Responsive & Well-Led

    Fact: No Care Home is Rated Higher in West Yorkshire

    In August 2016, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the independent regulator of health and social care in England – awarded our care home with an impressive “Overall Good” score.

    The 5 categories and their respective scores are:

    Safe – Good

    People told the CQC they felt safe in our service.

    Effective – Good

    The CQC observed that our staff knew the people who they were supporting well.

    Caring – Good

    Residents & relatives spoke highly of our staff & told the CQC that they were caring.

    Responsive – Good

    The CQC remarked that our care plans were detailed & reflected people’s preferences, choices & personal histories.

    Well-led – Good

    Our staff told the CQC that they were supported by the registered manager & they felt the service was well led.

    Staff on hand 24hrs to provide safety & reassurance to your Mum


    “Staff were very kind & attentive. We overheard a member of staff ask a person if they were okay. The person did not hear the carer properly. The carer stopped & repeated the question again to the person & waited for them to answer. This showed a genuine interest in the person’s welfare. We observed another person was becoming tearful in one of the lounge areas. Staff immediately went to reassure the person & their mood soon lifted as a result.” – CQC Inspector

    Protocols in place to prevent falls & provide immediate assistance at any time


    “Appropriate information was shared between staff at shift handovers, both in a written & verbal format. A ‘traffic light’ system had been introduced, which highlighted people who may be at risk of falls and who may require closer observations for example. This had resulted in a significant reduction in the number of falls being recorded.” – CQC Inspector

    Our home is a caring, professional & well-run establishment


    “People told us they felt the home was well led. One person said, “All the managers & staff are approachable. There is nothing that [name removed by CQC] will not do for you.” Another person said: “My son chose this home. He said the manager was really nice… He didn’t do them justice.” Another person said: “The managers have made it clear that if we have any concerns we must tell them.” A relative told us: “The home is run to an excellent standard. There is no room for improvement as far as I can see.” – CQC Inspector

    Hopton Cottage ONLY employ staff who are genuinely positive & enjoy bonding with older people


    Throughout the inspection we heard & saw many positive, caring interactions between staff & people who lived at the home. It was clear staff had time to spend talking and interacting with people. We observed a carer speaking to a person and the carer knelt down to the person’s level. The person appeared completely at ease with the member of staff. Friendly chatter was evident, but staff also retained the appropriate level of professionalism. There was a pleasant atmosphere.” – CQC Inspector

    “Food is excellent, beautiful homemade desserts & cakes every day.” – Doreen C

    With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

    It’s important to get help for
    your Mum as soon as possible

    So ask any questions or reserve
    a place at Hopton now. TODAY!

    “Staff were very kind & attentive”
    With OUR HELP your Mum CAN have A Fun New Life!



    Below are a selection of Reviews…

    4pt5 Stars

    Rated: 9 out of 10

    Date published: 12/02/2016

    Snippet: “For all the residents it was a home from home”

    “The facilities at Hopton Cottage Care Homes are Super –for all the residents it was a home from home. The food are always well cooked + smelled lovely. The home has very thoughtful staff and are lucky to have them. The activities available to residents are excellent.

    They are always enthusiastic about giving the residents what they would have chosen for themselves. There is absolutely nothing ever that I would change about Hopton Cottage Care Homes.”

    Written by Morna Moray Fiona Daughter of resident at Hopton Cottage Care Home


    5 Stars

    Rated: 10 out of 10

    Date published: 11/01/2016

    Snippet: “Everybody is so warm, caring, upbeat and can’t do enough to help”

    “The ethos of the home definitely shines through in how the staff care for our mum. Everybody is so warm, caring, upbeat and can’t do enough to help.

    Always feel so welcome + Even our dog is welcome too. The layout of the rooms + communal areas are great. Décor is contemporary yet cosy and homely. Main rooms are spacious + I like the library corner + all the photos + décor. It is obvious that all communal areas + rooms are cleaned to a high standard + very regularly.

    Very impressed with Joe and the team of staff he has working with him. The approach is open + honest with a real desire to gain feedback to continually improve.

    Good communications via the family notice-board. I was impressed when leaving today, a lady said to my sister and I that she wanted to discuss mum’s care package in January.

    I think the variety + regularity of all the activities is excellent. Mum seems to have got involved in many things.

    It’s good to know that she is not just sitting in her room alone. Great opportunities to socialise.”

    Written by Mrs. Harrison Daughter of resident at Hopton Cottage Care Home


    4 Stars

    Rated: 8 out of 10

    Date published: 19/12/2015

    Snippet: “The home itself is stunning, spotlessly clean and smelt so fresh and clean and every attention to detail was covered.”

    “My daughters dance school performed here for the residents and I was overwhelmed by how pleasant and welcoming the staff were.

    The home itself is stunning, spotlessly clean and smelt so fresh and clean and every attention to detail was covered and throughout the performance the residents were attended to constantly and with such love and professionalism.

    I was very impressed and we can’t wait to return.”

    Written by Rochele Ingham Daughter of resident at Hopton Cottage Care Home


    4pt5 Stars

    Rated: 9 out of 10

    Date published: 05/12/2015

    Snippet: “My sister was treated with compassion, understanding of her multiple needs, kindness and love.”

    “From the very first meeting to the day of her discharge my sister was treated with compassion, understanding of her multiple needs, kindness and love. Yes Love. She is very special to me and the staff made her feel very special too.

    My first impression on arrival was the absence of any obnoxious odour? Imperative in my estimation; thus meaning a clean and healthy environment. The staff, from the excellent cleaning staff, housekeepers and chefs to the excellent Management, go out of their way to be helpful and considerate.

    The meals are on a par with many a hotel I have had the pleasure of, first class. Diets are varied and wholesome and all meals very well presented. My sister actually put back the drastic weight loss she had experienced in the preceding weeks after only ten weeks in their care.

    Nothing was too much trouble and even in sometimes trying situations the conscientiousness of the staff was outstanding. The bedrooms are larger than the norm and also the en suite.

    There are televisions in all rooms along with telephone points and emergency buttons. All the rooms have 3/4 beds, bedside drawers, chest of drawers and a wardrobe plus a visitor chair. Hopton Care Home is purpose built, spacious, light and airy with quality furnishings making it a lovely place in which to work, which shows on the happy smiling faces of the hard working and caring staff.

    It has been a pleasure to have entrusted my sister into your care and wish to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done for both of us.

    Wishing you every continuing success for the future from Moira and Sheila.”

    Written by Moira Sister of resident at Hopton Cottage Care Home

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    “I cannot thank management and staff enough for everything that they do for my Mum and I know that she is in a happy and very safe environment”
    – Sue F, Daughter of Resident