Give Mum A Fun New Life

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Give Mum A Fun New Life   
Call Us: 01924 50 40 71   

Dementia Care

We have a positive approach to dementia care. At Hopton Cottage Care Home we have a separate neighbourhood called Lauder for people living with dementia.

This enables people to live in a safe and secure home and for staff to focus solely on their varying needs. We have higher staffing levels and specially trained care staff.

Our practice is informed by the latest research. Many of our staff have had the opportunity to further develop their Person Centred Care Skills, undertaking ‘Corner Stones’ training with Bradford University who are at the forefront of pioneering high quality dementia care. We place life histories at the heart of our care.

Our philosophy is that to care for someone we must know them as an individual. Many people suffering with dementia are slowly losing touch with who they were. Our job is to help them keep touch with this but also to allow them to live in the reality that they are experiencing.

What is fundamental is each person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We do not challenge someone’s ideas if they bring them comfort, but we focus on the memories and pleasure-bringing activities that do remain.

Families are a vital part of our residents’ lives and at so at Hopton Cottage Care Home we want you to be as involved as much as you wish. We appreciate experiencing a loved one’s decline can be a very sad and difficult time.

We hope that with the reassurance from our well trained and kind staff who you’ll get to know, you can enjoy as many nice times as possible with your loved one in spite of their dementia.

To Give Mum a Fun New Life Call Us: 01924 50 40 71

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