Give Mum A Fun New Life
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Fun New Life

– Allow Your Mum To Enjoy Life Once Again

– See For Yourself The Difference Hopton Can Make

“I’m so happy I chose Hopton. It’s not like
living in a care home.”  – Doreen C
Give Mum A Fun New Life   
01924 50 40 71   

Fun New Life

 Allow your Mum to enjoy life once again

– See for yourself the difference Hopton Cottage can make

Residents at Hopton have so much fun in their new life. They can enjoy all the comforts they had at home in their own cottage style room & patio garden. 

Residents will have their health issues addressed & managed by experts. We offer nutritious, homemade & delicious food. As well as Mum’s favourites snacks & drinks any hour of the day.


Mum will feel so much better enjoying meals with friends again – No more microwave dinners alone! All our residents gain weight after admission to Hopton Cottage. 

Something older people struggle with more than anything is boredom.

Although not a disease, having witnessed the consequences for over 20 years I know how serious it can be.

At Hopton, once a new resident has settled in we will work with them to find activities that they will enjoy.


Activities provided are exceptional and staff ensure all have the opportunity to participate.” – Helen W

We have two brilliant full-time activities coordinators who work closely with the whole team. This is a key part of our person-centred care service. Our residents are at the heart of shaping that service. Our wide range of activities include:


  • Group trips to the shops
  • Country walks
  • Reminiscence groups
  • Dominoes
  • Keep fit club
  • Knitting club
  • Musical performances – anything from classical to rock & roll.

Once someone feels welcome and respected, their health improves. They will have things to occupy their time again.

Their spirit is lifted and the change is amazing to witness.

It is without doubt the greatest joy of providing a service for me & my whole team.


I hope you agree your Mum deserves to enjoy life again. This is one of our founding principles here at Hopton.

So please consider us for your Mum, I know you’ll be pleased you did!

Our “Home for Life” guarantee means that when your Mum comes to live with us – that’s it. She stays living with us.

So Mum really can have a fun new life at Hopton. A life where they can welcome their family without anxiety or the need for urgent attention.

You can enjoy quality time again with your Mum and the whole family are welcome at Hopton.

We love having children around who add to the family feel here. We even have colouring books so they can make a picture while visiting Gran!

If your funds for her ever run out, we’ll continue to look after your Mum & reduce her fees so that her remaining time here can be funded by Kirklees Council.

Remember you can always call us with any questions or concerns about your Mum.

The best number to call is 01924 50 40 71

That’s it for me. I’ve no more info to send you just now. Please make sure you’ve made a note of our phone number & bookmarked our website. Remember we’re always here whenever your Mum is ready to come & have a look round.

P.S. If you already booked your Mum in for Fabulous Fridays then we’ll see you soon! If you didn’t book a Fab Fridays spot yet then what are you waiting for?

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