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Discover Why CQC Rated Us Safe,
Effective, Caring, Responsive & Well-Led

Fact: No Care Home is Rated Higher in West Yorkshire 

“Overall the care & staff are frequently
referred to as first class”
–CQC Inspector

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Want Only The Best For Mum?

Discover Why CQC Rated Us Safe,
Effective, Caring, Responsive & Well-Led

Fact: No Care Home is Rated Higher in West Yorkshire 

In August 2016, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the independent regulator of health and social care in England – awarded our care home with an impressive “Overall Good” score.

The 5 categories and their respective scores are:

Safe – Good

People told the CQC they felt safe in our service.

Effective – Good

The CQC observed that our staff knew the people who they were supporting well.

Caring – Good

Residents & relatives spoke highly of our staff & told the CQC that they were caring.

Responsive – Outstanding

The CQC remarked that our care plans were detailed & reflected people’s preferences, choices & personal histories.

Well-led – Good

Our staff told the CQC that they were supported by the registered manager & they felt the service was well led.

“Everybody is so warm, caring, upbeat & can’t do enough to help. I always feel so welcome. Even our dog is welcome too.” – Mrs. Harrison

Our overall good rating is a massive achievement that we’re extremely proud of. Especially as we are one of the very few local care homes that meet this standard. 

Hands up! We’re blowing our own trumpet here. In case you haven’t read our CQC report, I want to stress how important it is. There is a treasure trove of information for you to read through. So to save you some time, I’ve copied the important parts for you below. These parts highlight the 4 essential bits of info in a CQC report that people often miss…

Staff on Hand 24hrs to Provide Safety & Reassurance to your Mum

“Staff were very kind & attentive. We overheard a member of staff ask a person if they were okay. The person did not hear the carer properly. The carer stopped & repeated the question again to the person & waited for them to answer.

This showed a genuine interest in the person’s welfare. We observed another person was becoming tearful in one of the lounge areas. Staff immediately went to reassure the person & their mood soon lifted as a result.” – CQC Inspector

Protocols in Place to Prevent Falls & Provide Immediate Assistance at Any Time

“Appropriate information was shared between staff at shift handovers, both in a written & verbal format.

A ‘traffic light’ system had been introduced, which highlighted people who may be at risk of falls and who may require closer observations for example.

This had resulted in a significant reduction in the number of falls being recorded.” – CQC Inspector

Our Home is a Caring, Professional & Well-Run Establishment

“People told us they felt the home was well led. One person said, “All the managers & staff are approachable.

There is nothing that [name removed by CQC] will not do for you.” Another person said: “My son chose this home. He said the manager was really nice… He didn’t do them justice.”

Another person said: “The managers have made it clear that if we have any concerns we must tell them.”

A relative told us: “The home is run to an excellent standard. There is no room for improvement as far as I can see.” – CQC Inspector

Hopton Cottage ONLY Employ Staff who are Genuinely Positive & Enjoy Bonding with Older People

Throughout the inspection we heard & saw many positive, caring interactions between staff & people who lived at the home. It was clear staff had time to spend talking and interacting with people.

We observed a carer speaking to a person and the carer knelt down to the person’s level. The person appeared completely at ease with the member of staff. Friendly chatter was evident, but staff also retained the appropriate level of professionalism. There was a pleasant atmosphere.” – CQC Inspector

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